Jan Johansson

Programmer from the snowy northern parts of Sweden. At the age of 16 I made my first game, today I am 33 years old and I have evolved into a full stack game developer.

I have a fantastic family and we enjoy nature adventures and city life a like. Video games, board games or just social hangouts is something I like.

The me sentence: Happy code slug equipped with a open/logical mind and a can-do attitude.

What I Do


I am a builder, with my experience and mindset I can visualize how to construct a product. In that process I can act both as system architect and coder, as well as the glue between different fields such as art, design, audio, etc.


I love what I do, I enjoy the puzzles that game development brings and all the challenges to complete. I put my heart and soul into my work and I enjoy doing it along side others.

More than a Game

A great story based single player game or a in depth multiplayer creation? It doesn't matter, I have worked with everything from core systems (such as gameplay, AI, graphics, UI) to tool creation, networking and various backend setups.

Many Hats

Technical design, leading a team, web design, teacher, file versioning, video editing, entrepreneur, understanding of 3D modeling/texturing and its process, tool creation, cloud servers, and more!